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on the maryland governor's race. martin o'malley was touting new jobs in baltimore. the company's ceo says he plans to vote for o'malley, giving the governor high marks for helping his business grow. >> we have made tough decisions as a people and state to safeguard our children's future and expand opportunities. >> the race is heating up. real clear politics calls it a dead heat. >> where are you miss stepping? >> that is also where it stood on the eve of the race of four years ago. m o'malley says voters are hurting under the recession, but maryland has done better than most dates he says. held on to our job base better than for other states. >> it is about jobs, jobs, jobs, and jobs. back on the campaign trail, ehrlich admits he got fired by voters in 2002. he attributes that to problems in washington. today, he insists he is the better candidate. >> that is the message that is going to surround the states, the region, the world. >> he cites things like the so- called walmart cap and regulators he accuses of acting too much like sheriffs. >> what are they doing? this does not help people.
is broken is brit kirwan, chancellor of the university system of maryland; and gail mellow, president of laguardia community college in queens, new york. arguing that the business model is not broken is rick levin, president of yale university. his teammate is daniel hamburger, president of devry incorporated, a publicly held global provider of educational services, including devry university. and our audience tonight includes students, parents, people who are paying college tuitions and the leaders of other institutions of higher learning and learned journals. welcome to everyone. before we begin our debate, some background. narrator: numerous u.s. industries have struggling or failing business models today, newspapers, airlines, car companies. and some might add to that category higher education. there was a time in the 1960s when state governments provided the bulk of operating support for state colleges and universities, which kept tuition costs very low. but that changed in the 1980s. as funding began to decline, colleges and universities turned to one area they could control, increasi
but the state department of health said only 25% of marylanders were vaccinated. as kim dacey shows us health officials want to know why. >> the swine flu scare had people rushing to vaccination clinics but state health officials say only 25% of marylanders got the shot and now they want to find out why. they are looking for volunteers to form focus groups of eight to 10 people in communities across the nation. >> we have hired contracts who have worked focus groups before so they will facilitate the meeting to make sure everyone talks and the questions are addressed. >> they would like to hear from people that got shot ant those that didn't. they hope to learn how to better organize a campaign for next flu season to encourage more people to get vaccinated. >> we want to know how to design the brochures, what colors to use, what pictures of people, what words to use. we want people to tell us why they didn't take it and give us some suggestions of how we might approach this differently. >> health officials look to hold 40 focus groups. the only criteria is you have to be a maryland resident
williams has more on what you should look out for no matter where you live in maryland. >> reporter: as the numbers begin to sore, here at the observation park, anne arundel county officials are becoming more awareness. >> we have a friend that has lime disease now because he walks a lot in the woods. >> i check him five times every day. especially because i have a friend who has it. >> reporter: ticks can transmit lime disease, a potentially serious disease that can cause long term disability. >> it can cause symptoms in people including things like headaches, fevers, fatigue and arthritis or muscle aches and joint aches. >> reporter: while a common disease in maryland, officials have seen an increased influx. in all of last year there were 205 cases reported in anne arundel county. this year there's been 43. while that number may seem low, anne arundel officials say this should be no a reason -- from anne arundel county, tim williams, eyewitness news. >>> and we've got a lot of good information on our website on lime disease, just log on to >>> you can also get the update >>> the news edge on maryland. the federal government is handing out more than $100 million to the gm plant in white marsh. the plant said it will use the stimulus money to increase production and here's the really good part. add hundreds of jobs. gm plans to produce 80,000 electric vehicles from the plant every year assistanting in 2013. >>> not exactly the world cup. it's soccer's dirty cousin, much dirtier. up next, taking the edge off of the world's soccer championship. >>> and that looks like fun. high temperature, 93 degrees and do we have any cool air on the five-day. the details coming up in just a few minutes.  >> welcome back. another hot one out there. a high temperature of 93 degrees and currently, 83 and not cooling off these days. the humidity is perk%, going to be warm and muggy and a10 miles an hour and that pleasure on a little bit. hedged the 83 in washington. 80, quantico; 82 in annapolis and let's see, baltimore's, 83 in frederick, 82 and overnight tonight, temperatures will fall back into the mid-70s and we'll be warm and muggy out there. keep the air
anyone was harmed. >>> a recent study ranks maryland among the worst when it comes to bicycle safety. mike schuh shows the benefits of cycling can outweigh the risks. >> reporter: recently, we've seen two local cyclists die in high profile accidents. one downtown and one in the county. now comes this study. it asks, do the health benefits of cycling outweigh the safety risks? the overwhelming answer is yes. on average, the risks took away five to fine days of the lives. the beneficial effects added on average 3 to 14 months to their life span. >> the the ma'am survival for people who exercise regularly is enhanced. >> reporter: reduced stress, increased muscle and lower broad pressure are seen as benefits. >> i think it's a win-win for everyone. >> reporter: i find this interesting because i oftentimes ride into work and put in a long ride on the weekends so i probably do about 100 miles a week. that is say lot of exposure to traffic. there are ways for the cyclist to be safer on the road. the most obvious is being seen. whenever i ride, i'm always wearing neon green or neon orange.
of thunderstorms early this morning in the mountains of west virginia and western maryland into western pennsylvania. those storms are gone but disturbance that triggered the storms is drifting across central maryland. we could see a slight chance of a few storms pop up later this morning and this afternoon. there is still only a 20% chance. there could be a few hit and miss storms developing later today. right now, a fuel-clouds. -- a few high thin clouds. the temperatures are in the 80's in most spots so another one day on tap. we will top out in the low to mid 90's. the forecast will be a mixture of sun and clouds and a 20% chance of a thunderstorm. sunset this evening will be at 8:30. it will be a wonderful day to do some boating with the west wind at 19 knots per the water temperature is in the glow 80's. that is very warm. high tide at fort mchenry is coming up at 12:29 this afternoon. this evening could have a slight chance of a shower until 9:00 or 10:00 and after that, clear and cloudy skies and temperatures will drop back in the 70's. this is typically the hottest part of the
threatening head injuries at the maryland shock treatment center. >>> storms through louisiana. a woman was driving when water rose quickly and covered her vehicle. >>> you can find out before you make a reservation. dc health officials are putting all restaurant health inspection notices online. restaurants can be searched by name, owner's name or zip code. health authorities conduct over 5000 inspections every year. >>> providence hospital celebrating its 150th anniversary this weekend. the hospital in north east washington kicked off a celebration with community health and fitness day. free health screening and there was also a farmer's market to promote healthy food and to launch a 150-pound weight loss challenge for residents. >>> still ahead. a presidential vacation in the state of maine. we will take you there. >>> next, family and friends say good-bye to yankees boss george steinbrenner in a private affair. >>> a hot day up there in new york. laguardia 95. 98 yesterday. humidity levels much lower. so if you're still out and moving around why not spend some time on your own ter
this was no california earthquake, the maryland geological survey said the last time we had a earthquake this big in this state, 1939. before that, you have to go all the way back to 1758. we were at the center of it all. >> reporter: the earthquake was exactly under your house three miles down. >> right here? >> can you believe it? right under your house. >> wow. >> reporter: they were shocked by the media horde that descended on their home. and shocked by the news that their house sits directly on top of the ancient fault that slipped and caused the earth to shake. >> i sat on my bed and thought -- i thought--i was expecting something else. i said, okay, i'll just go back to sleep. >> the 19,000 block of forest brook road is usually a remarkably peaceful spot. and vanessa perez first figured it was a car racing over the bump out front. >> the house shaked a little bit but this time it felt even harder. >> you guys went back to sleep? >> reporter: not a picture fell or a dish broke and molly the dog is about the only one who got worried. >> she was shaking. >> in three seconds you'll see it shak
.n. has declared today international nelson mandela today. coming up, maryland has set new records from snowfall to extreme temperatures. it turns out we are not alone. plus, thousands to cover the big apple today to compete in the annual triathlon. and look at the event when we come back. >> no records, but a hot one today. some ran out to the west. we will see if that plays into we will see if that plays into our insta- >> more than 3000 people from nearly two dozen countries took place in the 10th annual new york city triathlon. the festivities began with a swim in the hudson and ended but competitors crossing the finish line in central park. the men's winner was from the czech republic. and the woman was it from new york city. things started heating up in june. in fact, the entire globe said a record for the restaurant in history -- the entire globe set a record. that is a report from noaa. the previous warmest was set in 2005. >> now your 11 insta-weather forecast with your meteorologist, john collins. >> locally, we are on the road for another hot july. ranid? we got some. last we
a fun night at the lake. >>> but first strategy strikes in maryland for a contractor. stay where you are. we're coming right back at you.  >>> a deadly accident on what's normally not seen as a dangerous job in baltimore. a contractor working on a sewer system was killed when a trench collapsed on him. the worker fell into a hole eight or ten feet deep and suddenly all of the dirt caved in on top of him. firefighters tried to rescue him but it was just too late. >> so quick, just out of nowhere -- it just happened so quick. >> tragic. that's a sad situation. something that started out so simple cost somebody. >> i commend all of the firefighters for the hard work they do. they help other people and i think it's admirable. >> reporter: crews had to stabilize the french to make sure the collapse did not get worse. so far the man's fame has not yet been released but he was in his late 20s. >>> investigators will search a state park near seattle looking for evidence after a shooting rampage there last night. when it was all over two people were dead, four more were hurt and six people under
states are still struggling, martin o'malley is making the tough choices... to move maryland forward. >> tomorrow will be a lot like today. >> very similar. probably ring free. there is a slight chance of isolated storms, but that will probably be south of us. higher humidity on monday and then the rain chances will taper off and then go off a bit at the end of the week. july is here. >> we will be back to tomorrow at 5:00 a.m.. saturday night live is next. have a great night, everybody. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute ♪ >>> we will now take you live to beijing for the joint press conference already under way between u.s. president obama and chinese president hu jintao.
to maryland state highway officials. crews inspected the bridges overnight. surveillance cameras were rolling when the 3.6 magnitude quake hit at about 5:00 yesterday morning. officials do say that some aftershocks could happen over the next couple days. >>> a local youth basketball league learns important lessons about giving and forgiving. we'll talk about that, plus a popular clothing store for teenagers faced with harsh criticism. >>> paris hilton detained for drug possession overseas again. what the heiress is saying about the latest accusations against her. >>> coming up in sports, the final wizards summer league game. >>> and tiger woods putts his way out of contention. >>> you got it, i got >>> a local youth basketball league is gone. simmons friend ran off with all the money to start the league. >> a lot of people were angry, wanted to give back. instead of getting back, let's give. not only do we want to win games, we want to teach players about responsibility, diligence, endurance, perseverance, respect. >> meanwhile, the man who took the team's money says he's taking care of a sic
. >>> if you are headed to the maryland and delaware beaches riptides are keeping lifeguards busy from the storms. the ocean city beach patrol said they have helped 600 swimmers in distress in the past week. 40 water rescues in the past three days alone. >>> an explosion so intense it felt like an earthquake. that's how witnesses described a both explosion. one man captured this video of the boat engulfed in flames just moments after that explosion. >> they were starting the boat and something blew. >> my husband is oh, no, a boat exploded outside and that's when i ran outside on our patio and looked outside and saw the boat burning up. >> several people were on that boat. they all managed to swim to safety. cause of the explosion is under investigation this evening. >>> deadliest attack this year against antiterrorists in iraq. a suicide bomber hit near an iraqi military base. nearly 50 people were killed. it comes as the u.s. moves to withdrawal all u.s. troops. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton is in pakistan tonight where that country and afghanistan have signed a long awaited
located in cambridge, maryland on the eastern shore. >> we have four acres p right now containing in the four acres the oysters between the ages of 1 year to 4 years old. >> reporter: kevin mcclaren's oysters are fat and happy. life on the surface helps. the algae is plentiful and so is the oxygen. that means a better oyster for your plate. >> it is a clear oyster and more consistent oyster. we don't harvest oysters of a lot of different sizes. get a box of it. what you get is all your oysters will be, you know, roughly five inches. >> reporter: this aqua culture, as it is called, could be the solution to saving the chesapeake bay oyster. pollution, overharvesting, disease, all seriously depleted the bed and left the watermen that spent generations on the bay wondering if they have a future. this could be it. mcclaren refers to his oysters as his animals and like a racehorse, he breeds them from healthy stock. >> there is about 300 million oysters in the tank behind me. >> reporter: this is his hatchery and the pick of the litter. used for breeding. >> when an oyster is deemed hig
dryer as you head westt 91 and slightly cooler in western maryland. mostly-sunny another hot-and-humid day or tomorrow. 93 for the afternoon high. relief from the heat on the beach. not reeief from thh >>reporter: hard for a mother trying to let go. looft frrday her daughter was one of three teenagers kklled by a suspected drunk drrver. the victims 3 c1 traveling signature in an suv. one of them was 13-year old cortez. >> she was vvry popular. every school she went to, everywhere she went she was very popular. >>repprter: on wednessay the popular girl was laid to rest. dofs were released in herr honor. a man never arrested, >> i needed justiie.. whh did they rellase him? limi by then, he was long gone. infoomation they have, he was reasonable. we don't want to put somebody in jail if we don't have a good, solid case. roefrt letting himmgo was judgment call made by police and members of the istrict aatorney's office. a judgment sounding a -- >> that peeson was able too leave the country and that shouldn't have happened. p> he killed three kids. three innoccnt kids
. the smithsonian has similar deals with the university of maryland and george mason university. >>> coming up, a company that never had layoffs. we will explain how. its employees think the trade- offs are worth it. children rushed to hospital after school bus overturned. hear what happened from one of the kids on board. and a pipeline blast sent flames shooting into the air. captioned by the national captioning institute >>> flames engulfed a port in northeast china, with a ruptured pipeline. more than two dozen fires work through the night to douse the flames. it took about 15 hours before was put out. amazingly, there were no casualties. the pipelines are linked between oil ships and tanks on the land. >>> car bombs have become the latest weapon of choice along the u.s.-mexican border. and members that made a car bomb near the border city. five people were killed, six injured. it is the first time the drug lords have attacked the police with a car bomb. >>> school bus accident and kansas sent nine people to the hospital. one child was critically injured. the driver and 2
county, the vote is there. >> how does the rest of the state, the entire state of maryland view montgomery county? it is the largest jurisdiction. and you have the largest budget. >> well, it's not always the best image around the country, around the state. but i think people -- you see the same thing in fairfax county. it's a county that people look at in terms of its affluence. its impact. we have had struggles in annapolis and other places to make people understand this is the engine for the state of maryland. so at least it needs to be looked upon in a way that really puts emphasis on the state of maryland. i've heard some years ago describing baltimore, montgomery county as a wine wine drinking cheese eating, to consume baltimore. >> whoa. >> that is wrong. it should say perrier drinking. >> a lot of exciting things happening. you were in silver springs, gathering place. tell us a little bit about that. that whole area has taken off. >> right. this is one of the true remarkable successes of my predecessor. and i was on the county council, he was county executive. he provide
district. >>> an update on the terrorist attack that left a maryland teen seriously injured. police arrested 20 people in connection with the attack that killed 75 people and shattered the legs of emily. she is recovering in south africa. crowd gathered to watch the world can you be. the suspected have connections to a militant group with ties to al-qaida. >>> so far so good, that's what bp says about the new cap, but the oil company says it will take another day to make sure everything is working properly. scientist say the cap is finally stopped thousands of barrels of crude from gushing into the gulf waters. after days of monitoring the pressure cap beneath the water, bp says it's more confident it will hold until a permanent fix is in place. gulf residents say they are a bit more hesitant right now. >> that uncertainty, that fear where things have gotten beyond your control, you have a helpless feeling. >> and until relief wells aren't finished next monday, bp has decided to hook the cap to the ship on the surface to collect the oil where -- more oil may have to be released to r
they are limiting their opportunities to drive. so what we should do is look at states like maryland that have a graduated driver's license program for all new drivers regardless will of what age they are. >> we want to stop the joyriding and the kind of attitude that teens are going to get in the car with six of their friends like we've seen in the horrible horrendous accidents and take down the road and go through a stop sign and everyone dies in the car. that is what we want to try to stop. >> which is why banning cellphone use while driving and banning texting is a top priority for senator klobuchar. the stand up act forces states that do not restrict cellphone use while driving to lose federal highway funding. >> no matter what age, 23 times more likely to get in an accident if you are texting and no text is worth dying for. i find out our staff about talking about one guy who i adore who has championship texting while he drove and i'm driving with him and he is texting and it was way back when we had one seat in the senate controlled the balance in the senates. and i say so we are all wo
in maryland, 5 in california and 4 in new york state. scientists point to el nino and the effects of global warming as well as the jet stream further north than usual preventing cooler air from moving south. >> water, sunscreen. take breaks when we get tired. think that's how we're dealing with it. >> reporter: here in chicago, this is the fourth straight day of 90-degree temperatures. for much of the country and in particular the northeast, a break from the heat may be days away. ron. >> okay, thanks, eric horng reporting from chicago. >>> while the first family got a bit of a break from the weather. as they enjoyed their weekend in maine. where it was only 81 degrees, where they were today. the obamas toured an historic lighthouse. in acadia national park. and then got a little hiking in. but the president, meanwhile, was turning up heat on the republicans in his weekly address. >> too often, the republican leadership in the united states senate chooses to filibuster our recovery and obstruct our progress. i think these senators are wrong. we can't afford to go back to the same misguided
of maryland and director of economics at the u.s. international trade commission. there was this report, peter, that talked about from "the washington post" that talked about american companies sitting on more than a trillion dollars worth of cash, but not being willing to put that money toward hiring. what would make -- what would be the tipping point for them to say now i'm ready? >> they need a lot more customers. the economy is only growing maybe fundamentally at about a 2rs rate and they can cover that with productivity growth. the rest of the growth we've seen has been inventory adjustments. if you look at goods purchased off the shelves or restaurant meals, basic demand is growing maybe 2% tops. that's not enough to encourage people to invest, create new plans. they can get it out of existing employees. >> if you have the white house saying look, the stimulus is working and it takes type and we're not happy with the pace but you have to know the recovery act has saved or created about 3 million jobs if you're one of the millions out of work that your jobless benefits have expired and yo
>>> joining me now, steny hoyer from my home state of maryland. >> good to be with you, candy. >> we laid out this is a tough year for democrats. can you give me some sense -- we know you had a meeting with the president and we heard some of your colleagues speak out loud about the tensions that exist. and it seems to me it's high anxiety time for the democrats. >> americans are very concerned about the status of their economy, about the unemployment that exists. they were angry in '06, and angry in '08 and changed leaderships, and angry in '10. we are not returning to the failed bush policies that brought us to this point, but focus on what is making progress. we have not succeeded yet, but we are making substantial progress. the economy is growing. we are creating jobs. frankly, we think when americans assess, do we want to go back, do we want to repeal the successes we have had and repeat the mistakes that we made that got us to this point, i think they will say they don't want to go back to the bush policies? >> i know you cannot sell a 9.5% unemployment rate, and you cannot sell mortgage
. the invasive fish this that can survive on land for up to four days appeared locally in a pond in maryland in 2004 and since then, they have spread throughout much of the potomac river system. the professional because fishing guide said it's common to catch the predatory fish. >> what we have seen since 2004, catching one was a season's rarity and now, catching one a day is more of a problemmability. where we're seeing more and more snake heads are getting bigger and bigger. the dnrs tell us that they growing about two pounds a year. the size of the fish now and the bigger ones are over 10 pounds. >> many local anglers catch and release their fish. he tells the clients to kill the snakeheads to him preserve the native bath. >>> a alert for drivers. shifting and temporarily closing one lan over the weekend and drivers will have to get by the work zone. it's in preparation for phase 3 of the 49th street bridge project. >>> everyone has a secret and waiters and waitresses are full of them. we're breaking down what you should know before you go to a restaurant. the server secrets to help you p
the heat by escaping, maryland transportation officials will be shutting down the east mount span of the bay bridge tonight, closing the entire eastbound span before midnight. it will remain closed until 5:00 monday morning. they will be repairing. friday's early-morning earthquake rattled the region but left it unscathed. a u.s. geological survey received 20,000 reports in 631 zip code to, -- it codes. despite the far reaching effects there were no indications of any damage. let's get a look at your forecast. >> statistically, mid to late july is the hottest time in washington. mother nature is certainly following the script this year. 85 degrees in downtown washington. it is very easy to break a sweat out there. the big picture, just as high, 93 degrees. why so hot? a bermuda high pumping up all of this hot, humid air, a jet stream taking all of the humid air to the north. again today, hot and humid out there. code yellow. may be an isolated thunderstorm. if we get one, we will be lucky. 90's each and every day. >> thank you for watching. 90's each and every day. >> thank you fo
currency. he is an economist and professor at the maryland school of business. peter, let's get right to it. you say we either get china to play fair or we're headed for a depression. >> absolutely. if china doesn't play fair, there is not enough demand for what americans make. to create jobs, businesses need customers and capital. the customer side, there is just not enough demand for what americans make because we spend so much in china and it's not just its cheap labor. it underdefines its currency by 40%. either we're going to grow very slowly or we're going to tank, but we're not going to recover quickly enough to generate jobs. >> let's turn to richard quest who is host of cnn's "quest hee means business." $220 billion sounds like a gap we need to close, but china produces goods a lot more cheaply which means folks like me in america gets to pay less for things, so what's wrong with that? >> jessica, it's very simple the the day you are prepared to pay more for the t-shirts on your back ask tnd the shoes on your , that's the day they will be produced domestically again. peter may be r
and represents maryland's 8th district. good to see you today, representative. >> good to be with you. >> when we're talking about gridlock in washington aren't we seeing that already? it doesn't matter whether the house has a true majority or not, the fact is in the senate republicans have enough votes to grind washington to a halt. >> there's no doubt republicans in the senate are working every day to try to block that agenda, despite their efforts we've been able to pass some very important legislation. this tuesday, for example, the president will sign the wall street accountability legislation. the thing i think people need to understand is if given the chance, what republicans would do, and john boehner, the republican leader, just said last week he would work to repeal the wall street reform bill. we know what happened last time when the republicans were in charge with respect to the subpoena power. instead of focusing on the issuissu issues of the country they focused on the impeachment of bill clinton. there's a lot the american people need to think about and what it will mean for the ec
home state of maryland. >> good to be with you, candy. >> we laid out this is a tough year for democrats. can you give me some sense, we know you had a meeting with the president. we have heard some of your colleagues speak out loud about the tensions that exist. it just seems to me a high anxiety time for democrats. >> i think it's a high anxiety time for the country and certainly for democrats and, by the way, for republicans as well. americans are very concerned about the status of their economy, about the unemployment that exists. they were angry in '06, angry in '08 and changed leaderships and they're angry in '10. what we're going to focus on is not returning to the failed bush policies that brought us to this point but focus on the efforts that we have made which are making progress. we haven't succeeded yet, but we are making substantial progress. the economy is growing. we are creating jobs. and very frankly we think that when americans assess do we want to go back, do we want to in fact repeal the successes we've had and repeat the mistakes that we've made that go
: let's move on to maryland, on the line for democrats. caller: good morning. i think the president can rebound even though he has a lot of people who are against him, especially the other parties. i think evealso corporations are holding back on jobs. there was an article in the "washington post" this week that said some are holding back on their cash reserves, making sure that they will have money, but at the same time keep advertising jobs. but they're not hiring people. if i were the president, if you go online to usa jobs, a lot of those are government jobs. i would make sure my administration would not have any type of jobs out there, no longer than 90 days. host: this morning in the new orleans paper -- jindal thrived in crisis. also, this morning in "the washington post" -- cap may erase sense of hopelessness in oil spill. joe writes -- so is it over? joining us on the phone to update us on the situation regarding the capping of the well and the cleanup in the gulf is admiral thad allen, retired u.s. coast guard, now the national incident commander of the deep water horizon oil
're going to dial up the details straight ahead. our slogan this hour comes from chris in maryland, presenting fair and balanced news is like a juggling trick, but "fox & friends" does it with aly clayton, dave and rick. >> i like it. >> hello. >>. >> hey, everybody, this is steven baldwin, you're watching "fox & friends" and it's the place to be. >> did anybody tell you not to talk on the show, don't talk on the phone. >> posting photos of the godiva chocolates and ice cream i'm posting them on twitter. >> national ice cream day. >> these things are ridiculous. >> yeah, they are redonklus they're so ridiculous. and baskin robbins is retiring four flavors they say have gone out of fashion. >> we'll start with the oil spill. it's now day 90 of the spill in the gulf. it may not be a spill anymore, it may be capped because when you look at the pictures it does appear that the good news continues to flow, pun intended, there's no oil leaking out that have well. what they are going to do soon is reopen the well and send some oil back up to the ships on top of the ocean which means oil w
and the food goes far and wide. we, in the state of maryland, rely heavily on our friends in the gulf for oysters, for the well-known and yummy gulf shrimp, and not regrettably, but they are a good supplement to our wonderful chesapeake bay blue crabs. we need to know that seafood is safe, and the american public needs to know that the seafood is safe for the simple reason that we want them to continue to feel comfortable buying gulf products so that the economic consequences is not multiplied where first of all they have closed the fishing areas, and that i have closed the beaches, but they have closed the fishing areas and then people say, well, i'm not going the buy it, because i worry about it. one, we need to insure the safety and then we need good public information about that. i want to come back to that, but i want to go right this idea of the unified command and who does what. i have been concerned about the unified command, because it sounds, to me, like when i heard it, it sounded so cool and command and control and decisive and quit-witted and swift of boat and foot. but w
know the epidemic is not spread so if you one-- pick one state maryland, you could say most of the cases are in baltimore and montgomery, prince george's county but even in the city so in the district of columbia it is concentrated so there is much more hiv is to the river here than other parts. so the geographic issues are something we think the strategy needs to address. >> can i just say also, piece of this puzzle is that i think, tell the passage of the affordable care act, the dealing with health disparies and the gap in access to good care were dramatic, and some of that have differentlevels of eligibility for medicaid. that will change. states have different outreach efforts with the doubling of the community health center footprint that occurred because the recovery act, that will change. with the pipeline for additional medical providers, particularly medical providers coming out of minority communities. i think we have me strategies now in place and some funding now in place that goes directly to some of the disparities, some of which are geographic and some of whi
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